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My background is in architectural design, design being migratory for me, I look at anything and see the design, form and function. This series of photos are from the studio I designed in Venice, California at Angus M Inc where I worked as Creative Director for 6 years along with a client private residence and landscape. The studio building mentioned was a 1930's fire station that was renovated into what it is now a modern, industrial, environmentally forward thinking design studio. The last couple of photos are of a mid-century modern home that was renovated and redecorated to reflect the era with modern touches and the finished landscape.

A lot of the elements used in the construction of the studio were environmentally friendly, using companies that were either environmentally conscious or gave back to the environment one way or another was a practice I used from the beginning when approaching this project.

One of these methods used was the application of the wall texture I chose to use on the walls upstairs, a non toxic clay covering that emits negative ions for better breathing. Recycled window frames were installed and all a/c ducts and other heating ducts were brought in exposed inside the building so that any energy wouldn’t be lost to the outside elements. In the bathrooms, recycled tile was used and a waterless urinal installed. Bamboo was used in building the staircase up to the second floor and for baseboards and other framing, recycled carpet company (Flor) used and exposing existing structure such as copper pipes, brick under the plaster walls and exposing wood beams to bring an unique feel to the environment. Other environmentally friendly applications were used numerously in accomplishing the look and the design of the studio to give it a modern, functional and warm environment.

This look and principal idea of being environmentally conscious with use of materials was carried over and implemented to the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills where I also assisted in the design concept. My use of recycled and repurposed materials is a format that I integrate into all of my work, I believe that working with a minimal budget can be more creative than one that is unlimited.

Angus M Inc., Nomadik Habit, PM Trust, AAHE Group

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